Rwanda Landscape study

I was doing a little personal research on Mountain Gorrillas and the geography of Rwanda, it was only a matter of time before the pictures of the Rwanda landscape captivated me. It’s unbelievable how lush and rich Rwanda is. It’s something to respect when it’s a rare site to see for someone like me, who lives near Chicago. This study is of the “Volcanoes National Park” in Rwanda.Rwanda

Trisun Games – Trisaga Wars weapon illustrations

I’ve been working with Trisun Games the past few months developing concepts and illustrations for a slew of weapons that will be featured in their upcoming title, “Trisaga Wars”. Here’s one of the 3 pistols from the game!



The Judge Dredd?

This one was a fun process, I love using scribbles to suggest detail!

Snow Lab

It was fun experimenting with this one… It started out with a drawing of a mountain to something more graphical.


Sketchy sketch sketch

I had the benefit to join a few artists around the globe in a nice relaxed art environment. I decided to work on a pen/marker/acrylic sketch that I drew up earlier this week by bringing it into Photoshop. This will be another piece I’ll be taking further, so stay tuned!



Late night streaming sketchin’

I was sketching at my buddy’s last night and came up with an environment I wanted to explore more so I scanned in my sketch and started experimenting. I have some ideas to expand on the painting so be ready for a v2.0!


Been busy!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to take a quick moment to let everyone know that my art updates have been slowing down because of freelance projects. Hopefully I can  post my artwork when I get the green-light from my client. Keep on drawing!

Study from reference

Doing environment studies are really fun! Loved this one because it’s so different than what I normally see, which is important in growing.


Cosmic Monkey

Something new, I had this idea of the first monkey that went to outer space turning into some sort of super cosmic monkey. Sun Wukong was a pretty big inspiration for this piece.spacemonkey2

Sci fi lab/medbay

Hey everyone! I streamed this 2 part environment over the past 2 days. I’m pretty happy with it mainly because it looks like how I envisioned it (it didn’t at first but that’s why you work on it!). I lurv drawing