Late night streaming sketchin’

I was sketching at my buddy’s last night and came up with an environment I wanted to explore more so I scanned in my sketch and started experimenting. I have some ideas to expand on the painting so be ready for a v2.0!


Been busy!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to take a quick moment to let everyone know that my art updates have been slowing down because of freelance projects. Hopefully I can  post my artwork when I get the green-light from my client. Keep on drawing!

Study from reference

Doing environment studies are really fun! Loved this one because it’s so different than what I normally see, which is important in growing.


Cosmic Monkey

Something new, I had this idea of the first monkey that went to outer space turning into some sort of super cosmic monkey. Sun Wukong was a pretty big inspiration for this piece.spacemonkey2

Sci fi lab/medbay

Hey everyone! I streamed this 2 part environment over the past 2 days. I’m pretty happy with it mainly because it looks like how I envisioned it (it didn’t at first but that’s why you work on it!). I lurv drawing



Doctor Robot

What started out as a simple story to create a unique head study turned into a robot bust.drrobot

Environment mood sketches

Tonight I streamed some environment mood sketches… Some of the thumbnails had colors from the other sketches but with some random color balance onto it. This not only made it more fun but challenging since it got me out of my comfort colors that I find are a go-to in my environments.¬†MoodSketches

Beach House

Had this idea sketched up in my pad for the past week, so I decided to get it into Photoshop and get it done. Live streamed and all.


Batcave… v2!

So I wasn’t happy with the original this morning (as I am with any of my art! Curse you passion!) so I had to study it and find a way to improve on it. I came up with this! Enjoy! 5 Hours total.BatCave_02_02


Just having fun this evening with some drawing! 3 hours total