Doctor Robot

What started out as a simple story to create a unique head study turned into a robot bust.drrobot

Environment mood sketches

Tonight I streamed some environment mood sketches… Some of the thumbnails had colors from the other sketches but with some random color balance onto it. This not only made it more fun but challenging since it got me out of my comfort colors that I find are a go-to in my environments. MoodSketches

Beach House

Had this idea sketched up in my pad for the past week, so I decided to get it into Photoshop and get it done. Live streamed and all.


Batcave… v2!

So I wasn’t happy with the original this morning (as I am with any of my art! Curse you passion!) so I had to study it and find a way to improve on it. I came up with this! Enjoy! 5 Hours total.BatCave_02_02


Just having fun this evening with some drawing! 3 hours total


Annddd it’s done

It was fun! I liked the change in direction for once… But now it’s time to go back to concept art ^_^

Inks by Josh McCaw

Inks by Josh McCaw

Joker beats the Bats

Hey everyone! So my good ol’ friend Josh McCaw offered me one of his line drawings  to color. The subject was cool which seemed to be the Joker looking at his flawless beauty while his best friend hangs out and supports him. I never really worked with someone else’s inks before so it was a little challenging at first understanding the intent of certain strokes but it quickly became fun once I started figuring things out. After the first night of working on this I decided that the next time I worked on this piece that I would stream the progress of it. I’ve always wanted to create a hub for artists to come hang out, ask questions and listen to my music so this was a cool experience for me and hopefully for others as well. Anyway, here’s what I came up with from last night’s stream!

Inks by Josh McCaw

Inks by Josh McCaw

I definitely have a bit more to do… I found that I lost the style that I initially had going on with Batman (sleeping on your work sometimes sucks). Stay tuned for more!

Study from reference


sketch chic_04

Something about me

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy couple months… 😛 But! Soon I will be posting much more content with the focus being on developing my concept design and fundamental skills. The development idea has been in my head since the start (a little over a month ago) of my contract job at Phosphor Games (a previous employer). My plan is to flesh out an idea of a game I’ve been having trouble visualizing with… visuals! But not just that, I will also be focusing heavily on thinking and drawing like a senior artist which will include heavy studying of both past and current artists. After the handful of years figuring out how to get to where I am (which was just to be a concept artist anywhere), I now think I figured out how to get to the next, better point in my concept art career. So, feel free to critique on anything I post. Also, there will be a bunch of different things that will be covered, so I will try to include my techniques in any work I post for those that are also learning.

Anyway, I figured I’d post a little about myself and how I got to where I am today for those of you that don’t know me.

I was born and raised to 10 in Chicago with art hardly being a part of my life. After a couple moves and interests with art in high school I reached the point for college to which I made the decision to take art seriously. It took a year into my Visual Effects degree for me to figure out that Concept Art was what I really wanted to do in life. After a major change into Game Art Design (and a brand new Intuos 3, school loans made it possible :P) I was ready to enter a field that was sought out by many but with few opportunities. Being self taught (My Game Art degree focused on 3D), I can assure those that travel the same path as I that it is hard, but with strict discipline and studying the vast techniques of foundation skills, I can say that’s it’s possible and worth it.

Good luck!

New website!

Ahhh it feels nice to finally have a website that can be updated with ease and double as a blog. For now, I show you this guy… A Medieval American blacksmith (if the American Declaration was signed in the 1500’s rather than 1776) that decided to be a minuteman after “darkness” consumed his land. I developed this style from my previous contract job at Phosphor Games working on Horn which broke me away from my traditional realistic rendering, and boy is it fun. One thing that I’ve learned about this piece is that, as an artist, I feel that giving yourself fun projects keeps you not only sharp but interested in your craft. Time is one of the biggest determining factor in your growth that you cannot change. However, you can change how much you draw, what you draw, who you network with to learn and where you can move for better opportunities. It’s a challenging road so make it fun damnit!