CPU Interior Environment

I had this idea of walking up to an abandoned science lab and witnessing this CPU core/Computer thing that felt like an organism. I wanted to keep a time limit on this so I gave myself a couple days which left me wanting to add more to it, but for now I’m focusing on improving my ability to convey an idea efficiently and in a short amount of time.



Sketch Life

The goal for me when making a concept is to search for the best design to represent the idea. For me, if I rush into a painting without preparing with sketching I’ll end up hitting a brick wall right out the gate. That’s because If I don’t  sketch, my mind will be sluggish, not at its full potential for being creative. But once I jump start my mind with some drawing, ideas start flowing. These ideas then eventually create more polished ideas and eventually I will land on a design I feel like I can pursue and commit to.

Anyway, I wanted to share my process a bit more by showing some 3D blocks and sketches that ended up in my most recent sci fi environment. The models are super rough and a lot of the disc shapes were re used in the other block models. It’s important to note that I really don’t like spending too much time in 3D, It’s not worth the focus and you can be a lot more efficient by doing any detail work in Photoshop.  There are some pro’s to spending a bit more time in 3D though and I usually find that it’s when the subject is very complex like an interior. The sketches were mainly done to figure out the design language of a set of buildings, I knew the concept was going to be an establishing shot, so I didn’t focus on small details like crates or auxiliary objects. Enjoy!


3d sheet


Sci Fi stuff

Just some Sci Fi environment.

Process: Started with a small composition sketch and followed up unto sketches of buildings. From there I gray boxed the environment in 3dsmax and loosely modeled the silhouettes of the buildings. Then I placed a camera and started working on designing the shot by placing the buildings/elements to where I thought they were needed to go. After a quick render it was time to paint!

I wanted the buildings on the right of the screen to be in complete shadow, I didn’t want them to compete with the larger structure in the back, but I still wanted some prominence out of them so the viewer can understand their architecture. There’s still a lot of things I wanted to get done in this piece, but I forced myself a deadline so that I could work the large chunks out as quickly as possible. I definitely will be revisiting this piece soon! Some things I plan on doing is smoothing out some of the shapes (they look too sharp and take away focus), adding more moss and rust on the buildings, adding color variation in the buildings with paint, and some more life… like trees, birds, and lights from the buildings. Even though my intent was to make the environment seem abandoned, I think some lights could be good, maybe to indicate some explorers settling into this forgotten city.




Amro Realty Buyer Ads

I was tasked to make 2 ads directed towards house buyers that were visually engaging with mobile/social media use in mind. The vivid colors and graphic composition work in a way to entice a social media user to do a double take on the ad when scrolling through their feed. This concept in theory would make the business stand out over their competitors and be rewarded with more views per ad.




Galaxy Man

Having fun trying a style that I always wanted to experiment with. I love doing more graphic stuff, it helps break away from the mindset of everything needing to be functional. Plus art has to be fun right? 😀



Trisun Games Illustrations

I had the opportunity to work with Trisun Games on their upcoming game Trisaga Wars doing weapon/armor concept and illustration work for front end usage. The experience was challenging and I learned a lot from the project. I’m thankful for my client not only for expressing his love for 2D illustration but also for having interest in working with me in creating high quality art. Specifically, my job was to illustrate weapons and armor that the player could view in their armory/inventory. Alongside with doing the base illustrations, each weapon and armor piece required 5-tiered-enchantment effects and an extra god-like enchantment that was dubbed the “+10” variation. The player would upgrade their armor or weapons and be able to see the transformation with a new illustration corresponding to the enchantment. You can see a taste of what the enchantments look like below minus the +10 variation.



Sketch is King

One of the best parts about creating a world is the development of the foundation the concept will be built off of. I believe that 90% of a good concept is design, function, form and good storytelling. It’s funny how big of an impact sketching or even writing ideas down are for the foundation of your story

I’ve been chipping away at creating a functioning habitation facility and these are the few of the many ongoing sketches that I currently have. Much more to come at the end of the month!

First sketch is of an elevation view of the habitation view. Laying out the structure like this will make it easier for me to find interesting shots and to make a block model. The second is a WIP of a CPU that the lead engineer/scientist/astronaut explorer created to assist him. The CPU isn’t always in human form, only when it needs to be moved around or to protect his creator.



Planet Habitation Facility

This was initially created to tell a story of a guy that took his exploration ship and built a habitation facility on a distant cold planet. The main reason why I chose a mountain side for a home is because it provides a large amount of water and material. I also didn’t want to choose a pretty lush landscape because sometimes, exploring can be brutal. I ended up simply making a habitation facility that housed multiple people with many copies like it spread around the planet.



Rwanda Landscape study

I was doing a little personal research on Mountain Gorrillas and the geography of Rwanda, it was only a matter of time before the pictures of the Rwanda landscape captivated me. It’s unbelievable how lush and rich Rwanda is. It’s something to respect when it’s a rare site to see for someone like me, who lives near Chicago. This study is of the “Volcanoes National Park” in Rwanda.Rwanda

Trisun Games – Trisaga Wars weapon illustrations

I’ve been working with Trisun Games the past few months developing concepts and illustrations for a slew of weapons that will be featured in their upcoming title, “Trisaga Wars”. Here’s one of the 3 pistols from the game!